SafetyPay Announces its First Patent Awarded by the US Patent Office


SafetyPay is pleased to announce that it has secured its first patent for intellectual property protection from the US Patent and Trademark Office.  The patent relates to electronic payment and financial clearinghouse services allowing individual and corporation shoppers to make online purchases directly through their own online bank account. The patent wording more specifically reads:

Electronic bill payment services provided by means of the global information network; financial services in the nature of a payment system for businesses and consumers for the purchase of goods and services, namely, a financial clearing house between financial institutions and merchants; financial clearinghouse between corporations; merchant credit card processing services; money transfer services, electronic funds transfer services, and bill payment services; clearing and reconciling financial transactions for others, namely, payments clearinghouse allowing individual and corporation shoppers to make online purchases directly through their local bank.

“We submitted the application in 2006 and finally after all this time and effort, we have been awarded this patent which covers all countries around the world,” stated Manuel Montero, CEO. “It was definitely worth the wait because not only does it help to protect our intellectual property, but also it bolsters SafetyPay’s credibility and legitimacy in the marketplace,” he added.

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SafetyPay Expands Its Presence to the U.S. Marketplace as an Emerging Leader in the Airline and Travel Payments Industry



, a secure payment provider serving online shoppers, merchants and banks worldwide, announced today that it is expanding its presence in the United States as an emerging leader in the airline and travel payments industry. SafetyPay’s recent strategic partnership with UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.) allows customers to make online payments worldwide directly through their own bank accounts.

By utilizing UATP’s existing airline connections, this secure form of payment will be easily integrated by the airlines, offering another payment option for customers purchasing airline tickets.  In response to the increasing need of alternative payment options for airline tickets, SafetyPay has tapped into the market by offering a secure payment method for consumers.

According to a recent case study with Peruvian Airlines, SafetyPay offered a solution that allowed their clients a convenient way to pay through SafetyPay’s network of banks regardless of whether they bought tickets online or through the phone.  The results were a 40 percent increase in daily ticket sales within the first few weeks; a 110 percent increase over the following months; and a 30 percent reduction in call center issues.  SafetyPay is now the preferred method of payment in 95 percent of tickets sold by Peruvian Airlines.

“As we expand our global presence to the U.S. market, SafetyPay is able to offer a quick and convenient way for consumers to pay for airline and travel tickets by paying in their local currency from their bank account,” said Manuel Montero , CEO of SafetyPay.

Xsolla Teams up with SafetyPay to Monetize Online Gaming and Social Networking Platforms


Xsolla, a global virtual currency reseller, has entered a partnership with SafetyPay, a US-based online payment systems developer, to provide payment processing services for online gaming, MMO ( massively multiplayer online), social, mobile and casual games.

SafetyPay enables gaming merchants to accept and approve payments for the digital content purchased by gamers. SafetyPay is an online payment solution that enables online banking customers to make internet purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly from their local bank account in their local currency.

In recent and related news, SafetyPay has joined forces with HSBC Bank Brazil to extend SafetyPay’s online payment services to the bank’s account holders and small and medium sized business customers, enabling them to pay online for purchases with worldwide merchants using their own currency.

SafetyPay Participates in Enterprise Florida’s Trade Expo in Brazil with the Governor of Florida


In recent news, SafetyPay attended the Enterprise Florida event held in Brazil from October 23-27th by Governor Rick Scott.  As Florida’s number-one trading partner, Brazil’s economy is expected to be one of the fastest growing in the world in the next decade.

SafetyPay’s latest partnerships with Banrisul and Brazil’s 6th largest bank, HSBC bank ($75 billion in assets), has positioned the secure payment facilitator as a leader in the Brazilian payments industry.  For more information about SafetyPay, visit

Failsafe Payments Adds SafetyPay to CertoConnect


Failsafe Payments has announced that SafetyPay, a service that enables shoppers to pay for online purchases directly via their own bank account and in local currency, is now fully integrated with Failsafe Payments alternative payments service, CertoConnect.

CertoConnect is designed for merchants to extend the possibilities to easily accept alternative payments online using established local and international payment systems.  CertoConnect is integrated with major local and international alternative payment brands and payment gateways.

SafetyPay™, a secure payment provider serving online shoppers, merchants and banks worldwide, will allow CertoConnect merchants to enable and activate SafetyPay as an online payment option for their goods or services. Existing SafetyPay merchants can now use CertoConnect to explore other alternative payment methods and let CertoConnect consolidate all payment methods into a single and secure payment page.

Sandra Feinberg VP of Sales for SafetyPay added, “ With this co-operative venture, both companies will reap huge benefits. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to have a global web presence – but it can be expensive and risky to expand into new markets. Real time bank payments minimize the risk and now SafetyPay merchants now have the opportunity to greatly expand their current market reach, with minimal risk, very quickly together with CertoConnect. This is a win-win deal for everyone involved.“

SafetyPay Attends the 2010 Summit in Dallas, Texas – September 27th-29th

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SafetyPay White Paper Released – Download Here


As consumers replace cash, checks and credit cards with online and mobile banking, financial institutions need to alter services and offerings to keep up with consumer demand for convenience and security. New regulations preventing fee increases require banks to find alternative income sources, and SafetyPay’s white paper illustrates the ability of banks to use innovative technology to generate revenue and deliver considerable benefits to customers.

SafetyPay’s white paper looks at the benefits of new innovative payment methods and their ability to serve as an additional revenue generator for banks. The credit card has been the predominant online payment method, however, credit cards were not invented with the Internet in mind. As ecommerce has grown, their inherent deficiencies have become more apparent – increased risk of fraud and high costs for merchants to process. Because of this, inroads have been made by new payment methods as consumers recognize their convenience and security. In fact, by 2012, new payments are projected to reach 30 percent of online payments. Financial institutions providing online payment alternatives promote greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“Online banking makes international e-commerce a simple and safe process for merchants and consumers alike, and banks offering modern payment options are successfully attracting and retaining customers,” said Manuel Montero, CEO of SafetyPay. “At SafetyPay, our objective is to share the immense benefits online banking channels offer. We enable financial institutions, large and small, to enlist contemporary banking methods to generate revenue and provide a fraud proof payment solution to consumers and online retailers.”

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SafetyPay is Named One of Southeast’s Hottest Companies


SafetyPay has been named one of the United States’ fastest growing companies, according to Lead411. Companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and located within the districts/states of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgie, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana. In addition, they must have a 100% increase in revenues over the past 3 years, over $1M in funding in the past 2 years, or 2X traffic gains to their website in the past 12 months AND over 1 million unique visitors a month.

About SafetyPay

SafetyPay is a global, safe and secure e-payment solution that enables online banking customers to shop from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their online bank account in local currency. Customers are never required to disclose any personal financial information neither to the merchants nor to SafetyPay, and all payment transactions are done securely from within the bank’s online environment.

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About Lead411
Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

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