Newly Released “SafetyPay Direct” Payment Solution Offers Improved Ease and Flexibility for Merchant Transactions

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SafetyPay Direct

SafetyPay has recently released a new product solution that allows merchants to request payments to customers by email or phone for goods and services ordered through various different channels. The solution guides customers through a simple process that lets them pay using online banking or cash, freeing them of online shopping carts and on-site transactions. Merchants can use SafetyPay Direct to request payment via email or phone while enhancing customers’ shopping experience by adhering to their payment and currency preferences.

The new payment solution works independently of online shopping carts, giving merchants added security and ease by releasing them from a direct online presence or integration with SafetyPay. SafetyPay Direct can be used by any merchant who wants to give customers the ability to pay directly from their bank account, including inbound and outbound call centers, B2C applications, and company billing departments. Giving customers the best payment options with increased privacy helps merchants tap into new channels of revenue that otherwise would not be incurred.

Moreover, requesting and processing payments using SafetyPay Direct is convenient and simple. The merchant first sends a payment request via email using the application, giving the customer instructions that guide them through secure payment using online banking or cash. Upon submitting payment, SafetyPay is notified in real-time that the transaction is complete, triggering an alert to be sent to the merchant that funds have been received and that the merchant can ship the product.

Completing the payment is quick and easy. The emailed instructions direct the customer to click the “Pay Now” button which links to SafetyPay’s secure interface, prompting the customer to select his/her preferred bank and currency. After confirming the purchase, the customer is redirected to log in to his or her online bank account and verify the payment, after which SafetyPay Direct is signaled to notify the merchant that the transaction is complete.

Available for immediate use by any merchant, SafetyPay Direct allows businesses to accept online payment regardless of how a product is sold. Merchants do not have to integrate with SafetyPay to use the application’s many features and capabilities, which include the ability to follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping cart, leaving the website before completing the checkout process.

SafetyPay’s new payment solution can be set up by any merchant within as little as 24 hours. The application is already being utilized by many companies from diverse industries, including international airlines, travel agencies, and educational institutions.

For more information about SafetyPay Direct or any of SafetyPay’s other payment solutions, please visit

About SafetyPay:
SafetyPay is a real time online-banking payment solution that enables hundreds of millions of consumers to shop from merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank account in their local currency. The SafetyPay solution is available in the USA, Europe, Canada and Latin America. SafetyPay guarantees no fraud and no chargebacks while supporting mobile, call center applications, e-invoices, pay-outs and promotions. To learn more about SafetyPay, visit


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