SafetyPay Speaks on Role of Payments at UATP Airline Distribution Conference

Originally posted on PR Web:

SafetyPay™, the real time online-banking payment solution that enables consumers to shop from merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank account in their local currency, was honored to send Vice President of Sales, Sandra Feinberg, to participate as a panel speaker at the 2013 UATP Airline Distribution Conference in Miami, FL recently on April 18th.

Feinberg spoke with six other presenters on how payment strategy can help increase the likelihood of distribution success. Also participating were representatives from Lufthansa AirPlus, Telchar B.V. Payment Fraud Consultancy, WorldPay, GlobalCollect, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

The panel’s discussion lasted about 45 minutes, and was moderated by K. David Holmes, VP Global Sales for UATP. The speakers presented, discussed and responded to audience questions regarding payments, the largest distribution cost for airlines. They provided information and observations regarding the roles that fraud, credit cards, alternative payments and more play in payment strategies and successful distribution plans.

The panel emphasized the need for a wide-ranging payment strategy that balances customer preference with airline financial requirements. “In many developed and developing markets around the world, the costs and limits of using credit cards are costing airlines high fees and lost business opportunities,” said Feinberg. “Airlines need to enable customers to purchase online using real-time bank transfers and even cash to reach a broader market and protect themselves from fees and fraud.”

About UATP
UATP is a comprehensive payment solution that airlines offer to reduce the high cost of credit card use and provide important data for accurate travel management. It’s a low-cost option, void of high costing merchant service fees, currency conversion fees, and government and policy induced fees. UATP’s corporate program and data tools, DataStream and DataMine, supply Level III Data for all air and rail travel, and folio-level data for hotel stays. For more information, visit

About SafetyPay
SafetyPay is a real time online-banking payment solution that enables hundreds of millions of consumers to shop from merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank account in their local currency. The SafetyPay solution is available in the USA, Europe, Canada and Latin America. SafetyPay guarantees no fraud and no chargebacks while supporting mobile, call center applications, e-invoices, pay-outs and promotions. To learn more about SafetyPay, visit

For more information contact: Sasha Hernandez 786-294-6411 ext. 252 shernandez(at)safetypay(dot)com


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