SafetyPay Expands Its Presence to the U.S. Marketplace as an Emerging Leader in the Airline and Travel Payments Industry



, a secure payment provider serving online shoppers, merchants and banks worldwide, announced today that it is expanding its presence in the United States as an emerging leader in the airline and travel payments industry. SafetyPay’s recent strategic partnership with UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.) allows customers to make online payments worldwide directly through their own bank accounts.

By utilizing UATP’s existing airline connections, this secure form of payment will be easily integrated by the airlines, offering another payment option for customers purchasing airline tickets.  In response to the increasing need of alternative payment options for airline tickets, SafetyPay has tapped into the market by offering a secure payment method for consumers.

According to a recent case study with Peruvian Airlines, SafetyPay offered a solution that allowed their clients a convenient way to pay through SafetyPay’s network of banks regardless of whether they bought tickets online or through the phone.  The results were a 40 percent increase in daily ticket sales within the first few weeks; a 110 percent increase over the following months; and a 30 percent reduction in call center issues.  SafetyPay is now the preferred method of payment in 95 percent of tickets sold by Peruvian Airlines.

“As we expand our global presence to the U.S. market, SafetyPay is able to offer a quick and convenient way for consumers to pay for airline and travel tickets by paying in their local currency from their bank account,” said Manuel Montero , CEO of SafetyPay.


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