Facebook Announces International Payment Methods


This morning, Facebook announced new payment methods for its payment system, Facebook Credits. Among the ever-growing 80+ payment methods, SafetyPay was listed for Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Spain.

For those who are wondering what Facebook Credits are or what they do, you are reading the right article. Facebook Credits are a universal means of payment within Facebook. If you are a FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or any Facebook app game junkie, Facebook Credits allow you to buy premium items or unlock hidden levels in your favorite game.

Before the introduction of Facebook Credits, online gamers would have to type in their personal financial information into the game’s payment platform. The fun part started when you wanted to play multiple games and have to input that sensitive information multiple times. Facebook Credits streamlined that experience so that your game stays uninterrupted.

So now that uninterrupted fun is guaranteed, Facebook has added another layer of assurance to those who enjoy the wonders of online gaming. With the addition of SafetyPay as a payment option, you can have all your fun and actually buy your credits securely…so that neither the game developers nor Facebook ever get your financial information.

If you pay using SafetyPay, you sign on directly through your bank, click on pending transactions, choose the account you want to pay from, and get a confirmation number. That’s it. No one will save your financial information.

Want to know more about SafetyPay? visit us at www.safetypay.com or if you live in the USA, check us out at www.safetypay.com/us

If you want to read about Facebook anouncing SafetyPay as one of their payment options, read it here: http://www.thepaypers.com/news/online-payments/facebook-adds-new-internationa…


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